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Hi.  I’m Ardiss. 

When I was diagnosed with breast cancert in 2001 something really phenomenal happened to me.  I was lifted up by a voice that said, “Ardiss get up.  It’s a brand new day!”  My mind, my spirit and my body were healed by this voice.  What a wonderful miracle this is for me!

I told my Uncle Robert what happened to me.  He asked me, “Do you know who the voice was that spoke to you?”  I told him that I thought it was GOD.  He said to me, “Ardiss the voice was The Holy Spirit which is Gods’ voice.”

This gift from GOD I do not want to forget.  I want my family, friends, art students and all people to know what really happened to me.  I want to share with everyone the power that GOD has to lift us up with HIS joy, love, kindness and grace when we hit rock bottom. 

“What kind of a friend would I be if I didn’t divulge this miracle with you?”


A little history first: 


In March of 2001 I was preparing for a show in my home town of Sidney, Ohio.  This show is known as ‘The Red Glove Review’.  A group called, Charity League, sponsors the show to help raise money for our Shelby County children in need.

While I was practicing for my parts in the show with my friends I tried not to think about my possible health problem.  My life on the surface looked all rosy but I was going through a very traumatic time.   I was displaying a false smile preparing for the skits and songs for the opening shows Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.   

You see… my mammogram had come back suspicious just a week before and I was told by my doctor to follow up with a surgical oncologist.  I talked with my friends Margaret, Sylvia and Sandy about finding a surgeon.  They gave me hope that I could find someone who could help me.

I was fortunate to get an appointment right away with a specialist at the James Care Clinic in Dublin, Ohio, Dr. Burak.  He also set me up with a plastic surgeon, Dr. Shah.  Behind the scenes my lifelong friend, Sandy, made sure that my doctors had very good reputations.  She didn’t want me to face any unnecessary problems. 

At this first appointment I had to have another mammogram and more ultra sounds done.  My doctor at the James performed a biopsy on my right breast in two different locations that same day.  He was suspicious of three areas in my breast.  I had to take all my jewelry off for the biopsy.  My cross necklace was in my hand as I went through the biopsy.  I was really scared.  I had to wait three days for the pathologist report. 


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