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A Collage of Artistic Expressions from My Students



Feather Ring by Brandon Luce


Brandon Luce working with Angie Orndorff


Jewelry by Angie Orndorff


Jason Bauer - Winner of the Ohio Governor's Youth Art Exhibition 2003


A Teacher’s Love

A period everyone would look forward to,
A teacher who always cheered us up when we were blue,
A class full of laughter and joy,
Where a paint brush and paint were used like a toy!

A period that would go by so fast,
A period that was always a blast,
A period that no one wanted to leave,
Where everyone knew they could achieve.

A teacher everyone wished they had,
A teacher who makes all of us glad,
A teacher we all wish would stay,
Who told us all “It’s a brand new day!”

A class where everyone expressed themselves,
A class where art work covered all the shelves,
A class everyone will always love,
The class everyone hates to see the end of!

To: Ardiss Luce
By: Hilary Cook




My Students:

My Name: Hilary M. Cook

How I know Ardiss: Ardiss was my FAVORITE art teacher at Sidney High School... She was the wonderfully crazy woman who always knew just how to cheer me up when no one else could!

How God has touched my life: God has touched my life by sending one of his best angels in my life by the name of Ardiss Luce, when I needed her the most!







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