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After a fitful Thursday night of not much rest I told my husband that I needed to see Chris, the pastor at the Sidney First United Methodist Church.  I wanted to become a member again.  We were members of another church in town but the Methodist Church was the church that I attended while growing up in Sidney.  I felt like I was being pulled back to this church. 

Chris was available to speak with on Friday morning.  I told him that just because I had been diagnosed with breast cancer the day before was not the reason why I was there.  I wanted to be a member of the church again and I wanted to know what I needed to do to join.  He told us we could become members and he set a date of May 2001.  Chris asked if he could say a prayer and we all held hands and bowed our heads.  Again I cried throughout the meeting.

When we returned home my friend Teresa stopped by after the school day.  She again tried to talk me into performing that night for the Red Glove Review.  Again, I tried, between my tears, to tell her I wouldn’t be able to ever be in the show.  I would not be able to stop crying and I just could not face 750 people that night with my sadness.  I felt like I had hit rock bottom.  I felt like I had been beaten with a baseball bat, bruised in my spirit, mind and body.

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