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By the grace of GOD, she was at home and came over to my house.  She led Don and me through all the details of the operation followed by chemo therapy and radiation. I felt so very sad for myself. I just kept crying. 

I had always avoided cancer like it was a death sentence. She told me that it would get easier to handle the disease.  I questioned her about all the procedures and I tried to visualize my unhealthy situation. 

She shared with me that I needed to be prepared to deal with my family and friends who would not know what to say to me and that it was possible negatives would be thrown my way without the people even realizing what they were doing. They would be trying to help but actually hindering the way I was feeling.  I knew this to be true because I had always stayed away from people afflicted with this disease.   I had never known what to say to people with cancer either.

At the time I didnít want any of my family to know what I would have to have done.  I didnít want them to worry and be a basket case like me.  Our daughters, Euri and Austine were grown and they were out of the house so I thought I could keep it from them.  But our son, Brandon was still living with us and I would have to tell him soon when he got home from the high school.  It would prove to be a very tearful time again for me.

In retrospect, I could never have gotten through this cancer ordeal if not for my Mother, husband, daughters, son, family members, friends and all the angels GOD sent my way.

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