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That Saturday night, three days after I found out I had breast cancer, I performed in The Red Glove Review with love in my heart, joy in my soul, a beaming smile on my face.  I knew GOD, Jesus and The Holy Spirit were with us all helping to share love, joy, kindness and grace to our audience.


And so the story goes on:


On the morning of my scheduled mastectomy, Pastor Chris came to the hospital at 6:00 am and said another prayer with my daughter, Euri, my husband and me.  He prayed that GOD would be with me, my doctors; Dr. Burak and Dr. Shah, the nurses and all those involved in my procedures. 

I was scared about the operation and the things to follow but I was reassured that GOD, Jesus and the Holy Spirit had already healed my spirit, my mind and my body.

I am at the five year survivor mark as I write what happened to me.  I have come to realize that there are more words that start with the letter “C” than cancer.  I constantly remind myself of my favorite three:  curable, conqueror and my savior, ‘CHRIST’.

I do not want anyone or myself to forget that The Holy Spirit lifted me up with His joy, kindness, love and grace.  I tell everybody about my miracle and the majesty of our Lord.  I even shared my pictures and words with my after school kids at the church (ages 5 through 8).  One sweet little girl came up to me afterwards and stated, “Ardiss the artist, GOD made you fly!  Right?”  In her innocence she wrapped up the whole theme of GOD’s miracle for me. 

GOD can do for you what HE did for me.  GOD will lift you up when you are down.  GOD will take all your troubles and carry them for you.  All that we have to do is ask HIM and we shall receive HIS joy, kindness, love and grace.

I am cured of the cancer in my breast.  There was no cancer in the 18 lymph nodes they removed and only .8 centimeters left in the breast tissue near the biopsy area at the time of my surgery.  My doctors decided I was only in stage one of breast cancer and I would not have to have Chemo therapy or radiation.  They said it would only give me an extra 1% beyond the 90% chance that I was cured.  I was happy to tell my friend Bonnie that she would not have to cut all my curls off after all!  

I took tamoxifen (to keep the cancer from returning) and effexor (for the hot flashes) for 5 years.  I had a tram flap procedure done at the same time as the mastectomy.  I call my new breast my belly boob!  I even got a new belly button and a flat stomach.

Make sure you look for the positives in your life.  Laugh at yourself, smile a lot and include your friends into your ordeal.  I wanted my friends to hear from me that I had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I called them all on Saturday after GOD lifted me up with His Love.  My Mother, my husband, my daughters, my son and my friends were there by my side after my surgery and throughout my healing process. 

Weave GOD into your life.  Make sure you have great doctors and a great hospital.  Believe in all of them!  Make sure you take super vitamins, drink lots of water cleaned by reverse osmosis or distilled water, eat organically as much as possible, exercise regularly and get your required sleep.   Bev, at Nature’s Cornucopia, helped me to know what extra minerals and vitamins my body would need while I was taking the tamoxifen pill.  Angels are everywhere!

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