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 Friday night a person came by to drop off some books about cancer.  After she left I began to look through the books.  Two were books on breast cancer and one was a book on conquering cancer, the name: The Cancer Conqueror, by Greg Anderson.  I started to read the first chapter which tells about Greg’s cancer.  His doctor told him to get his affairs in order because he only had a few months to live. 

As I read on, Greg decided to look for positives rather than negatives.  He started looking for people who had survived cancer and what they were doing in their lives to beat this disease and survive. 

This was at the point where I realized that I too looked for positives rather than negatives and that this was a very important topic I always shared with my students in my art classes.  I always told them to look for the good things in life rather than the bad things.  "You know… if you look for the positives you’ll find them but if you look for the negatives you’ll find them too." 

Greg Anderson mentions there are many things you can do when you have been diagnosed with cancer - spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally - to help yourself.  This is when I became aware that I was trying to fix the problem of cancer but I didn’t know how.  This is when I realized I needed GOD, Jesus and The Holy Spirit.  I immediately got down on my knees and said this following prayer: 

“Dear GOD, Jesus and The Holy Spirit, take my spirit, take my mind and take my body and do whatever you want with me.  Amen.”

I went upstairs to bed and tried not to cry so much.  Don was asleep and I didn’t want to wake him up.  I believe at this time I was so exhausted from no sleep, no medicine to help me sleep and constantly crying that I just passed out.

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