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This is a sunset I saw at my cabin in Canada, May 2006.  I was out by the water watching the sunset.  I was saying a prayer to GOD, Jesus and The Holy Spirit thanking them for getting me through cancer and the drugs I had just finished taking for five years.  I said 'Amen' and looked up to see 'The Holy Spirit' in the sunset.  This image of the dove was the same image I had used in my illustrations for my story which were already on my web site.

  I immediately went back to the cabin and created this drawing of what I had just seen in the sky.  I hope you can see 'Him', too!

As my brother Todd said, “with GOD, everyday is ‘A Brand New Day!’."  

I used to be afraid of being alone with my cancer.  I used to be afraid to die.  My fears are gone because 'God' is now My Friend.  I have solid proof that there is 'GOD, Jesus and The Holy Spirit'.  GOD'S voice healed me!  I want to shout it out how 'THEY' saved my soul and turned my sorrow into Joy with God's Love, Kindness and Grace

I was born of the flesh in 1949, I was born of the Spirit in 2001.  "That which is born of the Spirit shall live forever."  (From The Applause of Heaven by Max Lucado) 

I pray that you will be blessed indeed and be saved like me. 




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